Freeman Video: ASCRS Zenus Case Study

As the Associate Creative Director of Branding Marketing at Freeman, I had the exciting opportunity to spearhead the creation of a compelling case study video titled “ASCRS Zenus Case Study.” This project served a dual purpose: to promote our collaboration with Zenus and to provide a visual demonstration of their cutting-edge AI technology in action within the context of a real event, ASCRS.

About Zenus: Zenus is a pioneering company that specializes in AI-powered solutions tailored for events, retail environments, and beyond. Their innovative Smart Cameras are equipped to measure sentiment, demographics, and impressions, revolutionizing how organizations gather insights from their audiences.

Challenges Faced: One of the primary challenges we encountered was the historically lackluster performance of talking-head videos. Additionally, sound quality issues posed a significant obstacle. To overcome these challenges, we needed to think creatively and strategically.

Creative Solutions: To ensure the video would captivate our audience, we employed various creative strategies:

  1. Visual Storytelling: We adopted a visual storytelling approach to effectively illustrate Zenus’s AI technology in action at the ASCRS event. This approach allowed us to convey complex concepts in a digestible and engaging manner.
  2. Brand Integration: Marrying the distinctive branding elements of both Freeman and Zenus was crucial. We seamlessly integrated the two brands to create a cohesive and visually appealing narrative.
  3. Animation and Graphics: To make the video visually stimulating and informative, we incorporated animated graphics that not only explained the technology but also added an element of excitement to the content.
  4. Audio Enhancement: Recognizing the sound issues, we leveraged AI technology to rectify on-site audio problems. This enhancement ensured that the audio quality matched the video’s high production standards.

Results Achieved: My role as the director of art and design for this project was to infuse it with creativity and technological innovation. I worked closely with my talented video team to provide direction, which they expertly translated into the final product. The end result was a transformation from a potentially underperforming piece of content to an engaging and informative video.

Through our strategic use of animation, graphics, vibrant colors, and improved audio quality, we successfully transformed what could have been a run-of-the-mill video into a captivating showcase of Zenus’s AI capabilities. This achievement not only pleased our client but also kept viewers engaged, leaving a lasting impression and setting a high standard for our future marketing endeavors.

  • Categories: Video Editing and Animation