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Freeman AV Sizzle

Project Description: In my role as the Associate Creative Director of Branding Marketing at Freeman, I have had the privilege of contributing to the creation of a powerful video titled “Freeman AV.” This video highlights our agency’s prowess in innovation, influence, and inspiration through our production and AV solutions. Our mission is to push boundaries, leave a lasting impact, and captivate audiences with cutting-edge audiovisual experiences.

About Freeman: Freeman is the global leader in events, specializing in live events, exhibits, conferences, and tradeshows. With our extensive event experience, we provide integrated event services that are built on trust, excellence, and innovation.

Project Objectives: The primary goal of the “Freeman AV” video was to instill excitement and pride among our employees about their contributions within their respective Lines of Business (LOBs) and the profound impact they have on our customers. Additionally, we aimed to create a valuable resource for onboarding new team members, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of our agency’s capabilities.

Featured Shows and Shot Direction: The video artfully integrates captivating moments from various shows and events. Some notable highlights include:

  • Summit for Democracy: Behind-the-scenes shots and event captures, showcasing the technology we provided for the event.
  • ASCRS: An exploration of our event technology, including Zenus tech and session boards.
  • AMD @ CES: A spotlight on our corporate AV storytelling and AV production capabilities.
  • Visit Orlando Booth: A showcase of our innovative work in booth design and AV solutions.
  • AHA General Session and Archway: A focus on our ability to create engaging keynotes and presentations.
  • DCW (IBS & KBIS): Highlights from general sessions at these events.
  • Alcon Booth at ASCRS: Our work on LED hanging elements for their booth.
  • NAB from 2022: Experiential zones designed and executed by our AV and creative teams.

Audience Care Abouts: The video addresses key concerns and interests of our audience:

  1. Design Trends and What’s New: We feature captivating moments that highlight design trends and new technologies, such as Freight Waves, AMD, and Siemens exhibitor keynote sessions, as well as LED and projection mapping at events like Visit San Antonio and Zoomtopia.
  2. Building Engaging Keynotes/Presentations: We showcase our ability to create keynotes and presentations that resonate with audiences, featuring AHA, AMD, and KBIS/IBS general sessions.
  3. Budget, ROI, Scalability: The video underscores our ability to provide ROI and engagement on the show floor, showcasing projects like NAB experiential zones, AMD, Siemens, and AHA/KBIS general sessions, which span a range of budgets and scales.
  4. Dream It, Build It, Produce It: We emphasize our role as a partner that can turn dreams into reality, featuring shots of sketching/rendering to reality (Siemens), timelapse building (AMD/Siemens/AHA), and the production process (AMD and other keynote shots).

Challenges Faced: One of the primary challenges we encountered was the need to collaborate with multiple sources to acquire new content that was not readily available in our existing library. Additionally, ensuring that the video effectively conveyed the main keywords and themes while showcasing our best work was crucial.

Creating a Consistent Series: This video is part of a series of four, each sharing a consistent look and feel while highlighting the uniqueness of each Line of Business and the overarching Freeman brand. Despite using clips from the same library, we successfully crafted an engaging and visually captivating narrative, showcasing the exceptional work our agency consistently delivers.

The “Freeman AV” video serves as a testament to our agency’s commitment to innovation and excellence in audiovisual production, leaving a lasting impression on both our employees and potential clients.

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